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Entering into marriage unsure of who you are and how God views you, and still chained to past wounds and hurts, will leave a new husband and wife at a disadvantage from the beginning. God’s desire is always for couples to step into a new union from a place of freedom and full identity.

The Dearest Son and Dearest Daughter devotionals will begin to walk readers through an understanding of God’s love for us, how He views us, and what He wants for our life and marriage.

It is impossible to be the husband or wife God designed you to be until you are first the Son or Daughter He calls you to be.



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In Husband of Significance, men will walk through what it means to love, honor, serve, and cherish your wife. You will understand God’s plan for marriage, and you will learn how desperately God wants to bless you and the woman He has given you.

It is our prayer that we all rise to become Husbands of Significance.

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