Learning How to Date

I didn’t learn how to date until I was 35 years old.

When my wife and I became intentional about investing in our marriage and in one another we knew that dating – the act of setting aside a certain amount of time for just the two of us to get away, talk, look each other in the eye, and learn something about one another – was going to be a big piece of the puzzle. I realized quickly that 1) I sucked at dating, and 2) that I needed help.

I was lucky enough to begin stealing some wisdom from Megan Lacefield as she talked about getting creative in dating your spouse. She helped me realize that not every date has to last for 5 hours and not everything has to cost $200. In fact, the best dates don’t. It is the process of making this a consistent priority that matters, and God will honor your investment whether it’s a weekend away or an hour lunch.

There are a ton of really cool resources out there, and here’s one: 52 Uncommon Dates by Randy Southern. This is gold. It has lots of really unique date ideas and consistently reminds me that choosing a new genre of movie to watch or making dinner reservations for an hour later than we normally eat is not getting creative. I had to start thinking about dating in a totally different way, and I needed help.

Grab the book, pick a date you think you can handle, and go for it. Start somewhere. You’ll be blown away by the return on your investment.

– Jeremy Lane

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